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Offshore Trusts

Offshore Trusts, together with Foundations, are the key to asset protection and tax minimisation.  We can set up a trust with all funds that you or your company place within the Trust being exempt from taxation.

Offshore Foundations

An offshore Foundation ensures that all inheritance arrangements are pre-planned upon your death.  Your family will be left in no doubt about their inheritance and how it can be accessed.  The correct establishment of your offshore Foundation overrides national law of inheritance and associated costs.  Hence an offshore Foundation located in the proper jurisdiction is the ideal tool for avoiding inheritance tax and estate tax.

Your assets, in the form of property, securities, shares, cash and works of art are protected by an offshore Foundation and cannot be touched by anyone other than you and your family, as beneficiaries.  Your beneficiary is usually your family and therefore your heirs.

Offshore Companies

Anglo can set up offshore companies in various jurisdictions around the world.  We assist with the opening of bank accounts with foreign banks and adhere to strict rules on compliance and confidentiality relating to personal data and complete anonymity.  An offshore mecca for privacy and peace of mind.

Banking in the Clouds

Many future banks will no longer hide behind solid walls – they will live in the clouds. They will be invisible.

After five years of planning, a new “bank in the cloud” will be unveiled during spring 2015. This bank will offer all the normal banking services and much, much more. Get ready to open an account in your very own invisible bank; it could end up being your best friend for life.

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