About us.

Who are we?

Anglo-Corp Limited is an international service provider specialising in the setting up and administration of Trusts and Foundations in a number of offshore jurisdictions. The overriding importance is the protection of assets, planning of inheritance and succession. To find out more: Trusts and Foundations

In addition, Anglo-Corp also establish offshore companies, as holding/investment or operating subsidiaries, in more than 20 countries. Here, tax minimisation plays an important role by taking into account the company’s operations, planned expansion and tax-friendly construction strategy. Anonymity is also covered. To find out more: Companies

Anglo-Corp are experts in the creation of UK companies. Anglo-Corp offers an excellent package for a UK company with a UK or offshore bank account. To find out more: UK Companies

Our offices are based in the UK which is also our European headquarters.

Anglo-Corp has well-trained, experienced staff, competent in many facets and challenges created by the everyday life within the global market and international banking world. The company has teamed up with a number of lawyers and tax advisors, in Europe and beyond, to ensure the correct legal structure is in place especially for international Trusts and Foundations.

Call: +44 (0) 1473 249 024
Email: info@anglo-corp.co.uk
Skype: anglo-corp

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