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UK companies.

Special package for a UK Company

Our most popular product for an unbeatable all-in-price of EUR 990:

….. Nominee shareholder to ensure 100% anonymity

….. Nominee director

….. Application for a bank account in the UK or offshore

….. Application for nameless debit card

….. Free administration of the company for the first 12 months

….. Free advice on an eventual offshore holding company

….. Free guidance on accounting matters

….. Registered office address

….. All reasonable consultancy services

The founder of Anglo-Corp, Kai Jensen, established his first UK company more than 50 years ago. Today, he can reflect on his involvement in the formation of hundreds of British companies for clients and business partners worldwide.

Anglo-Corp’s exclusive price is made possible by a large volume of English company registrations. We are based in England and do not have to pay for local agents or intermediaries. All the work is carried out by our own in-house employees.

There is no VAT to pay as all invoicing is done through our own administration company, registered in the Seychelles.

After 12 months, an annual fee of EUR 745 will be payable to cover all benefits listed above.

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